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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Zoo

The elephant swings it’s rough wrinkled trunk as it stomps and sways side to side as it goes to chomp on it’s ball full of fresh hay. The elephants huge enclosure has a whole hill of hay sweeping swiftly to the side leaving traces of hay behind. The grey skin of the elephant looks like a dark cloud on a stormy day.

The muddy icky Galapagos turtle trudged through the  warm mud bath naturally heated by the sun and stretched it’s neck out like a giraffe and snapped cause of their powerful jaw at the dead dry grass growing by the fence.Their skin looked as wrinkled as a old lady, the brown dried mud stuck to the turtle, making it’s skin look super dry.  

As we were wandering round the emus we all looked stared at this very weird creature and it stared at us.Rachael kept saying “I’m so scared it is going to hop out and peck at us,” as we were taking photos.

Last Friday we went to the zoo and we were in groups and we got to see every thing and we learned alot.

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