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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Sarah's wildself


African wild dog ears - Your African wild dog ears are big so that they can give off heat and keep your body cool. That's good, because where African wild dogs live, it's hot.

Grevy's zebra hoofs - Get up and running. Grevy's zebras can stand up just six minutes after being born and can run after just 45 minutes. How long did it take you to learn to walk?

Lion's mane jelly - Imagine having no eyes or brain but still having one of the most sophisticated weapons on earth. Lion's mane jellies have tentacles over 100 feet long, each one packed with tiny harpoons that inject prey with deadly toxins.

Lesser bird of paradise wings - Your beautiful and elegant wings are from a bird of paradise. Most birds of paradise live in Papua New Guinea, where they're so revered the nation's flag bears their likeness.

African lion tail - You have a dark brown tuft of hair on the end of your African lion tail. It helps you communicate. You can use it for lion sign language to talk to other members of your pride.

This term we are learning about adaptions of animals. The class is creating their own Wildself.


  1. Nice wild self Sarah ! I think it looks AWESOME!!!!!!

  2. Yeah it looks so cool and your adaptions are very interesting

  3. Sarah, the Lion's mane jelly sounds amazing and dangerous! What a great adaptation to keep you protected! - Mrs T