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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Beach description

The lush green trees hover above the deep hollow cove, it’s as dark as a witches black cat.The waves crash against the sand like horses running.          All the seagulls hop like rabbits onto the sand. On the horizon mini islands sit there staring at the beautiful beach the cove is waiting to be explored.

Sweet fresh air aroma sweeps me up to heaven.The beautifully delicious fish and chips smell draws me in like a starved seagull. The lush fresh grass still smells as sweet as fish rot in disturbing horror as it stinks like a skunk.Ocean breeze drifts slowly like a snail to my nose.

A soft gentle breeze hits my cheek as never ending waves smash threw toes. Wet sand gets stuck in my feet like kittens grabbing and scratching

silky smooth curtains. When we sit down we start to  feeling run down and tired .

What I really enjoyed in my writing was that I used smiles.

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