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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Comparing taonga

We are comparing Yusuf’s hand print and Sarah’s story book. We are comparing the differences and similarities between Sarah’s taonga and Yusuf’s taonga. Taonga is the maori word  for treasure and we have discovered that people are taonga too.

Some of similarities between our taonga are that they are both taonga  because they are special to our families.
They are important to our families because they hold memories and remind us about our grandparents and when we were little.
They are both old because they are from the past a long time ago.

Now here are some of the differences between Sarah’s story book and Yusuf’s handprint. Sarah’s and Yusuf’s taonga are different because Sarah’s taonga is printed and, Yusuf’s taonga is hand made. Sarah’s taonga and Yusuf’s taonga are different because Sarah’s Dad bought it when he was little and Yusuf’s made his taonga himself. Sarah’s story book and Yusuf’s handprint are different because Sarah’s story book is to read and Yusuf’s hand print is to measure his hand.

Overall we think everybody has a taonga and they all have differences and similarities. When we look at our taonga we feel proud.

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